Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 VPS instances are now available

  • 30th June 2021

We are pleased to offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 instances.

These can come pre-installed with Nginx, Apache, Redis, Varnish, PHP 7.4 and MariaDB 10.3.


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PHP 7.4 is now available

  • 30th December 2020

PHP 7.4 is now available on the following:

  • CentOS 8 Stream
  • Redhat 8
  • Ubuntu 20.04
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Latest versions of PHP 7.3 now available. 7.4 to be released soon

  • 18th August 2020

We will be moving away from PHP 7.2 very soon, in advance of end of life coming up in November.

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New VPS images available

  • 1st May 2020

We now offer CentOS 8.1 and Ubuntu 20.04 VPS images.

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